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K Jay Website & Marketing Services offer’s advice that will put you ahead of the competition.  Specializing in small business operations with limited budgets.  We can teach you how to improve your overall marketing goals…  all within a small budget.   Click here for information and internet tips showcasing current Internet Trends.

Here are a few things K Jay Marketing Consultants can assist you with:

  • Brand Marketing.  Let us walk your team through the steps needed to identify what sets your company apart from the rest.  Then change your marketing efforts to promote your new identify to the world!
  • Email Marketing.  Seperate your customer base into specific groups.  Your customer each have different interests so you should speak to them differently.  Email marketing is a great tool to interact with your customers, identify specials and/or news about your company and help maintain your customer base.
  • Natural organic search results.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Making sure that each page on your website is optimized with compelling copy that not only reflects your services but also improves your internet natural rankings within the search engines.
  • Free Website Directory Listings.
  • Local Directory Listings.  Google Maps, Local Yahoo, Google Local, etc.
  • Blog services.  Allow customers to comment about your services on your website.  You can be set up as the moderator. 
  • Teach you how to monitor the traffic on your website.  Referring links, popular landing and exit pages along with additional reporting tools, setting website goals, etc.   We will teach you how and be available to offer additional training as needed.
  • Pay Per Click Ads.  To help your website get off to a new start and get through the growing pains, I suggest you consider pay per click ads.  These are ads that would appear on google or yahoo when a visitor searches for specific words that represent your business.  Geographical targeting can be set up as well so you only run ads within a specific zip code or region and not running ads around the world.
  • Graphic Design.  Creating ads, banner ads, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Do you need more Sales Leads?  We provide business development and prospecting services.  Do you need more sales?  Let us supply your company with qualified leads that have a need for your services. 

K Jay Marketing & Website Services, located near Madison, Wisconsin.  Small Business Consulting.  Marketing Advice, Graphic Design, Website Design,  Innovative Ideas.  Call today 608-215-0047 or email

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