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The internet is changing as more customers are researching online and purchasing on the world wide web each year.  Online customers are growing, increasing 10-15% annually.  

  • 217 million US citizens have access to the Internet at home.  (Nielsen)
  • 74.9% of the total population (ages 2+ years) is on the Web

Popular Trends in 2009/2010.

 Website Re-Design and/or Website Optimization

 User-friendly? Search engine friendly?

 Booker friendly? Customer Interactivity-friendly (Web 2.0 friendly)?

 Custom Landing Pages.  Speaking to specific customers with a common interest and offering them specific information that relates to their interests.  Example, Destination Page.  For more information on Hotel Visitor Guides, click here.

 Who are your most important customers?  Customer Segmentation Analysis.  Sending specific specials to customer segments.

 Search Engine Marketing:  Natural/organic search and Paid Search (Pay-per-click or PPC)

 Local Search.

 Mobile Search and Web 2.0 Search

 Strategic Linking and Link Popularity:  Build relevant links to your website from travel and destination directories

 Email Marketing:  Customize your marketing / promotions.  Not everyone wants the same special.  Send marketing messages to major customer segments.

 Email and online sponsorships.  Partner with other businesses catering to the same customer’s that you have.

 Online Display Advertising (e.g. banner ads)

 Social Media Initiatives; Facebook Page, You Tube Video’s, Twitter Account, etc.

Social Media (Consumer Generated Media).

Definition:  Online content created by Internet users and made available to other Internet users via Web 2.0

interactive technology applications.


 38% of US Internet users (72 million) used a social media site at least once a month

 89% of US Online Buyers read customer reviews before they buy (43% most of the time, 22% always)

Types of Social Media/Consumer Generated Media:

• Online discussion boards and forums

• Internet Groups

• Blogs: Corporate Blogs or Social Network-type of consumer blogs

  • Blog Search Engines (e.g.,, etc)

• Social Networks.  Examples;  LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook

• Customer Reviews and Testimonials.  Example,  Google Users and 

• Experience Sharing:  Supplier Initiatives.  Example photo sharing.

• Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing.

Is Social Media Making Search Engines Obsolete?

Search Engines love fresh, relevant content.  Social Media offer’s fresh, relevant content.  Therfore, Search Engines love Social Media!  Social Media Search, also refered to as Web 2.0.


Lack of fresh relevant online content is many organizations main weakness in this new Web 2.0 environment.

Consider one of the above internet trends.  Call KJAY Service to help.  608-850-4850.

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